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The distribution and metabolism of taurine
The distribution and metabolism of taurine
Taurine is widely distributed in animal tissue, the content is particularly rich in marine animals, mammalian tissue cells also contain high levels of taurine, especially the nerves, muscles and glands contain higher concentrations of the body is the most abundant free amino acids, the body taurine is almost entirely free form of existence, and most within the cell, intracellular and extracellular concentrations of 100-50000:1 body containing taurine total of about 12-18 grams, of which 15 - 66mg is present in the plasma, more than 75% in skeletal muscle, myocardial cells and serum taurine concentration ratio of 200:1.
The body can or their own synthesis of taurine from the dietary intake of animal food is the main source of dietary taurine, especially sea animals. Synthesized in the body is transformed from sulfur-containing amino acids (half skin acid, methionine, etc.) through a series of enzymatic reactions, but their low synthesis capacity. Taurine in the smaller molecular weight (125.1) Dalton, antigenicity, various routes of administration are easy to absorb. Taurine from renal excretion, kidneys adjust their emissions in accordance with dietary taurine content in order to maintain the relative stability of the body taurine content.
Drug analysis method
Name:, and titration
Application: This method of determination of the content of taurine in the taurine bulk drugs.
This method is suitable for taurine bulk drugs.
Principle of the method: the test sample dissolved in water with sodium hydroxide titration solution adjusted to pH 7.0, and then add pre-adjust the pH to 9.0 formaldehyde solution, and then sodium hydroxide droplets given to the pH value to 9.0, and continues 30 minutes after the addition of formaldehyde solution of sodium hydroxide consumed in the amount of calculation of the content of taurine.

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