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L-threonine basic information
L-threonine is an essential amino acid, threonine is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical reagents, food fortifiers, feed additives. In particular, the rapid growth of the amount of feed additives, it is often added to the minor pigs and poultry feed, is the third limiting amino acid of the second limiting amino acid for pig feed and poultry feed. L-threonine, in the compound feed has the following characteristics:
1 can adjust the amino acid balance in the feed to promote livestock growth; 
2 to improve meat;
3 to improve the amino acid digestion and low nutritional value of feed; 
4 can reduce the cost of feed ingredients; in EU countries (mainly Germany, Belgium, Denmark, etc.) and the American States, has been widely used in feed industry.
Chinese name: threonine
English name: threonine; the Thr
Definition: Scientific name: 2 - Amino - 3 - hydroxybutyric acid. Containing an alcohol aliphatic alpha hydroxy amino acids. L-threonine 20 kinds of amino acids make up proteins, there are two asymmetric carbon atoms, can have four kinds of isomers. The mammals of the essential amino acids and ketogenic amino acids. Symbols: T
Applied science: Biochemistry and molecular biology (a discipline); amino acids, peptides and proteins (two subjects)
Name: L-threonine (L-Threonine) (beta-hydroxy-alpha-amino butyric acid)
Shorthand: the Thr
Official Number: CAS 72-19-5
Structural Formula: CH3CH (OH) CH (NH2) COOH
Molecular formula: C4H9NO3
Molecular Weight: 119.12
Appearance of yellow and white crystalline powder
Loss on drying 1.0% (max)
Residue on ignition 0.5% (max)
Purity of 98.5% (min)
Specific rotation of -26.7 ° C -29.6 ° C
Heavy metals (Pb)-10PPM the Max
Arsenic (AS) 2PPM the Max
PH value of 5.0-6.5
In biochemistry, a glucogenic and ketogenic amino acids

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