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The main purpose of threonine
White orthorhombic or crystalline powder. Odorless, slightly sweet taste. 253 ° C melting and decomposition. Soluble in water under high temperature, 25 ° C the solubility of 20.5g/100ml. The isoelectric point of PH6.16. Not soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.
Out by the separation and identification of WCRose1935 fibrin hydrolyzate. Meger, its spatial structure of the study in 1936, similar to the structure and the Soviet Union sugar, it will be named threonine. The threonine There are four isomers of the naturally occurring, but then the body has a physiological role of L-threonine.
Metabolic pathways
Threonine in the bodys metabolic pathways and other amino acids, is the only one without the dehydrogenase roles and turn amino role, but threonine dehydration enzyme (TDH), threonine decarboxylase (TDG) and aldehyde Abbreviated enzymatic amino acids into other substances. The three main ways: by aldolase metabolism of glycine and acetaldehyde; TDG metabolism of alanine, glycine, the COA acetyl; TDH metabolism of propionic acid and α-aminobutyric acid.
The main purpose
Threonine is an important nutrient supplement and strengthen the cereals, pastries, dairy products, and tryptophan as to restore the body fatigue, and promote the growth and development results. Medicine, due to the structure of the threonine containing hydroxyl, human skin has the role of water-holding combination with the oligosaccharide chain, play an important role to protect the cell membrane phospholipid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation in the body can promote. Its preparations to promote human development to lipotropic pharmaceutical performance, is a component of the composite amino acid infusion. At the same time, the threonine to create a class of high efficiency and low allergic to antibiotics - a single amide streptozotocin raw materials.
With the improvement of peoples living standards and the development of aquaculture, the threonine amino acids, used as feed is widely used to add the piglet feed, pig feed, chicken feed, shrimp feed and eel feed. Has the following characteristics:
Amino acid balance, adjust the feed to promote growth;
Can improve the meat;
Can improve the nutritional value of the low amino acid digestion of feed raw materials;
To produce low-protein feed, and help to save protein resources;
Can reduce the cost of feed ingredients;
Can reduce the nitrogen content in livestock manure and urine, the ammonia concentration in the animal building and release rate.
At present, the German scientists found in human blood, a threonine, was found, it can prevent the AIDS virus to attach and invade the body cells and interfere with HIVs surface protein, so that it can not play a role in this amino acid found anti-AIDS drugs developed to provide a path.

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