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Nutrition Research of Threonine
Nutrition Research
1, for the balance of amino acids to promote protein synthesis and deposition
To eliminate, reduce excess tryptophan or methionine-induced growth inhibition due to lysine excess weight caused by decreased; absorbed into the body can be transformed into other amino acids, especially in the feed when the amino acid imbalance is more obvious.
2, increase feed intake
Threonine regulation on feed intake, feed intake and daily gain increased with increasing threonine level; when you exceed the maximum requirement, along with elevated levels of threonine, feed intake and weight gain decreased, ie, threonine too much or too little will reduce feed intake and daily gain amount.
3, immune function
Threonine lack of inhibition of immunoglobulin and TB lymphocytes, thereby affecting the immune function, threonine is the main limiting amino acids in poultry immunoglobulin molecules, add threonine can improve the chicks to Newcastle disease virus the antibody titer.
4, regulating fat metabolism
Add threonine have a significant impact on body fat metabolism in animal diets, it can promote the synthesis of phosphorus and fatty acid oxidation.
5, reducing diarrhea rates
Experiments show that threonine protein component of intestinal mucus in the pig small intestine surface glycoprotein synthesis is required in the maintenance of pigs in particular, plays an important role in the piglets gut health and intestinal mucosal function. Reducing dietary crude protein content by adding synthetic amino acids in low protein diet, both the economy and no adverse effects on animal performance. Particularly important for early weaned piglets, piglet digestive system is not yet fully developed, high protein content in the diet easy to induce nutritional diarrhea, adding synthetic amino acids, low protein diet can reduce the occurrence rate of diarrhea in piglets.

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