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Pumpkin powder processing technology

Pumpkin powder processing technology
Pumpkin is rich in starch, fat, fatty acids, glucose, arginine, asparagine, carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamin A, B, E, fenugreek salty, adenine, pentosan, pectin, mannitol, leaves The red pigment, lutein, soluble fiber, phosphorus and titanium and other nutrient-rich. Scientific research shows, pumpkin, sweet, cold, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, the liver and aid kidney, lower blood pressure, maternal lactation, Bu Zhong Yi Qi; the latest medical studies have shown that pumpkin pectin peptic ulcer disease patients have a significant effect, and be able to bond and elimination of the in vivo bacterial toxicity and other toxic substances, while the effect of anti-environmental toxicants; the pumpkin significant efficacy of prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and Queru disease; knot has a good role in the treatment of constipation; The pumpkin seeds can effectively get rid of roundworms, tapeworms, ginger, worms and schistosomes. Pumpkin powder on a striking effect on the treatment of diabetes, clinical evidence that diabetic patients daily eating pumpkin powder 100 g by 10 days after the examination, patients have varying degrees of improvement, and some even recovered.

Pumpkin powder processing process is as follows:
① treatment: pumpkin rich period, select the skin hard and long maturity melon orange, washed and stalks, peeled, seeded, the meat was.
② shred: Deal with pumpkin, grass cutting machine to cut wire, placed in clear water to soak 1 hour, dehydrated remove.
③ Drying: choose a clean place, covered with gauze, the washing pumpkin silk spread on top, natural air drying or dried.
④ Drying: pumpkin silk spread out into the oven temperature to 60-80 ° C, bake for about 8 hours, feel dry when removed.
⑤ smash: disinfection of the first grinder, dried, and then the pumpkin silk crushed into fine powder.
⑥ sifting: to smash the powder sifted into the ceramic plate. Coarse then crushed.
⑦ sterilization: sift the powder into the oven, the temperature adjusted to 80 ° C, dried for two hours packing.
The scraps can of pumpkin powder for pumpkin cakes or add the flour made from pumpkin face, pumpkin butter. Pumpkin scraps to use 20% and 80% sucrose mixed, can be made into cakes. 54% pumpkin powder and 46% modulation of sweet potato flour into a paste, then add a small amount of alum mix, the Vermicelli Machine can be pressed into the pumpkin noodles, cooked and dried shall be finished. Pumpkin powder crystallization of concentrated spray made from a pumpkin drink, tea mixtures can be made available pumpkin tea, the pumpkin cake.

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