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Monocalcium phosphate introduction
Product Name: Monocalcium phosphate
English name of the product: Calcium phosphate, the primary; Calcium biphosphate; Calcium phosphate, monobasic; calcium dihydrogen phosphate,; Monocalcium phosphate,
Synonyms: dihydrogen phosphate calcium
Molecular formula: Ca (H2PO4) 2-H2O
Sulfuric acid decomposition of apatite Ca5 (PO4) 3F system was referred to as ordinary superphosphate, referred to as the SSP, the main component of Ca (H2PO4) 2 · H2O, anhydrous calcium sulfate and a small amount of phosphoric acid, containing 14% effective P4O10 ~~ 20%, 80% to 95% soluble in water, is a water-soluble available phosphate for direct use as phosphate, can also be used for manufacturing compound fertilizer.
Usage: used in fertilizers, glass, plastic stability, livestock supplementary feed.
CAS No.: 7758-23-8
Toxicity protection
Packing and storage: lined with polyethylene plastic bags, coat plastic woven bag, net weight 50kg. Storage see the consumption of calcium dihydrogen phosphate.
Physical properties: colorless triclinic crystal system crystal or white crystalline powder. The relative density of 2.22 (16 ° C). Slightly hygroscopic, soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, slightly soluble in cold water, almost insoluble in ethanol. At 30 ° C, 100ml water soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate 1.8g. The acidic aqueous solution, heated aqueous solution hydrolysis of the DCP. Lose crystal water at 109 ℃ and 203 ℃ is broken down into calcium metaphosphate.
Quality standards: former Soviet Union national standard OCT 23999-80
Molecular Weight: 252.07

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