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Storage Transport of Sodium Stearate
Storage Transport of Sodium Stearate:
Sealing a cool, dry ventilated place fat taste, soluble in hot water or alcohol-water in the air, water absorption, the solution is alkaline due to hydrolysis. , The depositary shall be kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated place.
Industrial sodium stearate metathesis reaction obtained by the calcium stearate and sodium chloride content of 6.5% calcium stearate, sodium stearate, 92.50%, 0.5% of the free acid (stearic acid), purity more than 99.5%. Melting point 149-155 ° C, the heating reduction is less than 2%, the relative density of 1.08, 99.5% Fineness through 0.075mm sieve.
The product can be used as heat stabilizers of polyethylene, with excellent lubrication, good processing properties, and zinc soap and epoxy compounds have synergistic effects, can improve the thermal stability, and is used with the base nature of lead salts and lead soap hardware products, can improve the speed of gelation. This product is used to eliminate the adverse effects of residual catalyst on the resin color and stability of the polyethylene and polypropylene. This product is also widely used as a polyolefin, polyester reinforced plastic, phenolic resin, amino resin, heat cured plastic lubricants and mold release agent.
Main purposes:
1. Detergent: for foam control in the rinsing process. (Sodium stearate is the main component of soap)
2. Emulsifier or dispersant: the medium for the polymer emulsion and antioxidants.
3. Corrosion inhibitors: polyethylene film so that the protective performance.
4. Cosmetics: shaving gel, transparent viscose
5 Adhesives: as natural rubber and then paste the paper.

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