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Basic properties of stearic acid
Basic properties of stearic acid
Properties: Pure product is white slightly shiny waxy small piece of crystal.
Melting point: 56 ℃ -69.6 ℃
Boiling Point: 232 ° C (2.0kPa)
Flash Point: 220.6 ° C
Ignition point: 444.3 ° C
Relative density: 0.9408
The complex refractive index: 1.4299 0.3234i
Complex dielectric constant: 35.6 1.3i
Stability: 360 ° C decomposition (otherwise information that 376.1 ° C)
Toxicity: non-toxic
The solution: do not dissolve in water (20 ° C, 100 ml water only is dissolved 0.00029g). Slightly soluble in cold ethanol. Soluble in acetone, benzene, ether, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, sulfur dioxide, chloroform, hot alcohol, toluene, acetic acid, amyl acetate, etc.. Other: slowly volatile at 90-100 ℃. General the organic carboxylic acid chemistry general characteristic.

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