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Which population in urgent need of supplementary lutein

Which population in urgent need of supplementary lutein
The study found that the eyes to the lack of lutein and vitamins, can easily lead to a variety of eye diseases and eye dysplasia. Supplementary eye nutrition, can not wait!
So, what needs to be added lutein?
Aging-related macular area degeneration (AMD).
Cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, urinary protein excretion, patients with diabetes.
Cataract, glaucoma, presbyopia.

Long-term use of steroids and cholesterol-lowering drugs or fat inhibitor.
Dry eyes, floaters, frequent tears.
Long-term exposure to the sun, car owners.
High myopia more than 600 degrees.
(Athletes, pilots, guards, traffic police) need to be workers in the midday sun.
Amblyopia, strabismus, astigmatism.
Frequent use of computers or the gaze of the TV screen.
Retinitis Pigmentosa family.
Young people to study visual maintenance.
Monocular vision, photophobia, night blindness.
Recurrent eye fatigue, acid, astringent, pain, fog Mang.
High intraocular pressure, eye Zhang Tong, visual fatigue.
Night workers, stay up all night.
Routine maintenance of the laser surgery to restore vision.
40-year-old middle age, as the vast, reading is not easy by.
Lutein: reduce the incidence of cataract, have a significant role in delaying atherosclerosis, cancer, prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Daily doses of a certain amount of lutein is safe, has not yet been seen taking lutein side effects reported. Supplemental supply a certain amount of lutein to avoid stomach irritation. 20mg of lutein daily to meet the demand for daily eye conservation.

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