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The basic introductiojn of emu oil

Emu Oil
Extracted from emu fat, emu oil, it is rich in oleic acid, Asian oil fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A and other natural ingredients, has a good anti-inflammatory, skin regeneration, wrinkle removal, freckle, promote blood circulation function, is an excellent skin care products, raw materials. Miki emu oil produced in Australia, the main component of emu oil, lanolin, squalene, aloe vera, etc., very suitable for Asian skin, the product is not greasy, easily absorbed, does not clog pores, comfortable feel. Moisturizer can clear the horny, eliminate wrinkles, keeping the neck and hands are delicate, soft; skin cream products specially designed for men in the development, highlighting the beauty, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet function.

Extracted from the back fat capsule of the emu emu oil, the indigenous people of Australia called the oil of God. Emu oil, unsaturated fatty acids account for about 70%, which monomer is unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid 40% of the amount of total fatty acids, also contains two kinds of essential fatty acids, namely linoleic acid accounted for 20% and accounted for 1% -2 % of linolenic acid. Thousands of years ago, indigenous Australians have been found emu oil to keep skin moist, corrosion, and reduce joint and muscle pain and anti-inflammatory effects, anti-inflammatory drugs the only source of. Emu Oil to promote wound healing, skin care and cosmetics as well as to improve the human circulatory system function role. Emu oil is very similar fatty acid composition, with a strong skin penetration and anti-inflammatory and promote wound healing function of human skin oil. In 1999, Lopez, A, croton oil-induced acute auricular inflammation model, the study found emu oil to reduce the inflammatory edema. Penturf M and Girsword J in the 1998 American Burn Association meeting during which an exchange of "Evaluation of Emu Oil Emu has significant anti-inflammatory effects; for burn treatment and lubrication, research as a lubricant, can inhibit the formation of scar . 1995 "in Emu Today and Tomorrow," published an article that emu oil can inhibit bacterial growth, clean pollution-free emu oil can be maintained long sterile state, and a yellow ingredient isolated from emu oil, It is one of the active ingredient of the anti-inflammatory effect of the oil; Emu Oil is no stimulation, no different from the body exclusion, no side effects, cheap anti-inflammatory drugs, swelling and stasis, relieve pain.

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