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Emu Oil - the oil of life

Emu Oil - the oil of life
Similar to the physiological structure of the emu and camel, the body fat is concentrated in the pocket of the back fat. Extracted from the fat capsule of emu oil, the indigenous people of Australia called the "God oil of Emu Oil is also the indigenous people of Australia the only sources of antibiotics, known as the" life of the oil.
Recent studies reveal: emu oil, unsaturated fatty acids up to 70%, which monomer is unsaturated fatty acids of total fatty acids 40%, also contains two kinds of essential fatty acids, which represents 20% of linoleic acid (ω- 6 essential fatty acids) and accounted for the proportion of 1% -2% of linolenic acid (omega-3 essential fatty acids), the fatty acid composition unique in the biosphere is one of the best fatty acid composition of proportion. It was called by the world medical community substances found most suitable for the body to absorb a natural, plays an important role to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in human blood and restructuring of body fat structure, the protection of human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular substances.

Extracted from emu fat, emu oil, it is rich in oleic acid, Asian oil fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A and other natural ingredients, has a good anti-inflammatory, skin regeneration, wrinkle removal, freckle, promote blood circulationfunction, is an excellent skin care products, raw materials. Miki emu oil produced in Australia, the main component of emu oil, lanolin, squalene, aloe vera, etc., very suitable for Asian skin, the product is not greasy, easily absorbed, does not clog pores, comfortable feel. Moisturizer can clear the horny, eliminate wrinkles, keeping the neck and hands are delicate, soft; skin cream products specially designed for men in the development, highlighting the beauty, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet function.

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