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Emu Oil - to create the myth
Emu Oil - to create the myth of the "liquid gold" of skin care
Since the 1990s, North America, many of Medicine has the emu oil used in cosmetic medicine, has received widespread attention and favor. Emu Oil for most Chinese people are very strange, emu oil is the medical field known as "liquid gold". Many foreign cosmetics company in the early 90s of the last century will emu oil used in high-end cosmetics. According to reports, the British Princess Diana favored emu oil skin care products, scientific research and clinical trials proved that the unique magic of emu oil.
Following the Placenta after the beauty industry in recent years a new concept to the prevalence of emu oil skin care. Emu oil is extracted by the fat of the emu, and other cosmetics, in particular, contain precious oleic acid and linoleic acid (ω-3 and ω-6) and high purity vitamin E, vitamin A and natural ingredients, is a moisturizing, repair, wrinkle-free, sunscreen, whitening, freckle multi-effectiveness of biological functions as one of beauty products.
Emu oil has excellent compatibility with the skin structure, especially, contains a large number of non-saturated acid, can enhance the skin elasticity, has a very strong skin penetration, can significantly soften the skin stratum corneum, heal wrinkles, remove dead and can complement a variety of nutrients most needed by the human skin.
The scientific evidence shows that emu oil can be very effective to remove wrinkles, age spots, melasma, fat particles, facial spots and blackheads and prevent skin aging, skin soft, smooth and delicate skin full of deep care, as long as the use of one week can make you have a completely unexpected satisfaction.
AG emu oil skin care line as a natural skin care products, designed for Asian skin design, in addition to the essence of emu oil also contains squalene, aloe vera, arbutin, a burial berries and other skin care ingredients . Using the most advanced bio-technology, in terms of moisturizing the skin, improve skin texture, prevent skin disorders, is the best of the magic irreplaceable natural skin care.

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