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Emu oil major characteristics performance
Emu oil major characteristics performance
1, does not clog pores
   Many of the oil used in skin care or cosmetics has an obvious drawback to clog pores and cause acne or acne growth. Use the content of 25-100% emu oil, clogging the pores on the appearance and organization of test results show that will not clog pores.
2, strong permeability
    Emu oil contains more oleic acid and oleic acid can increase the ability of bio-active ingredients penetrate the skin, but also carried a large number of penetrating the skin while the active ingredients penetrate the skin to produce a good effect on the body.
3, anti-inflammatory
    Emu oil contains linolenic acid and oleic acid of high quality, to reduce skin irritation and inflammation, activate the bodys immune system to promote wound healing, reduce pain and scar tissue formation and increase the activity of the growth of hair follicles. Have a significant effect on the skin dehydration, muscle pain and wound epithelial growth.
    Based on several properties of emu oil to use in the health care products and cosmetics, strong permeability, no side effects, not greasy, does not clog pores, and sun-whitening, increasing the role of skin moisture, the quality and effectiveness of order The National Peoples Congress plus praise, and the value of the real beauty of the emu oil will get more in-depth to explore. In terms of security, environmental protection, the effectiveness of R & D potential, market prospects, and emu oil are the primary additives in skin care products have broad market prospects.

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