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Clinical research of emu oil
Clinical research
According to the American Arthritis Foundation, about 40 million people in the United States suffer from some kind of arthritis victims of arthritis is considered to be the major chronic diseases throughout the country, and light medical costs and lost working hours two annual loss of $ 54.6 billion giant. It is predicted that by 2020, arthritis patients may reach 59 million.
Tom - Dr. Lee Hai in the U.S. state of Oklahoma A Demo City arthritis specialist hospitals in 1995, the emu oil with mineral oil for comparison, a two-way with no choice, the study drug and reference substance comparative clinical trials, voluntary participants who take any arthritis drug, continued use. Emu Oil test group, 58% reported pain, morning joint stiffness and swelling, there are significant changes in the control group 12% reported improvement.
Bit - leather Xi Boshi, Sydney, Australia North Shore Hospital and University of Adelaide, Australia, Mike - Dr. Whitehouse in 1998 for testing in laboratory animals to determine whether the emu oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis. The results show that Emu combination of oil and methyl salicylate, isopropyl alcohol and menthol, the best results, it is clear emu oil and methyl salicylate to create synergies, because this combination obvious anti-inflammatory effect.
University of Adelaide, Australia - Mike Whitehouse, Ph.D., of emu oil in 1996 will be used to ease the local and remote pain and inflammatory effects were observed. His discovery of the following four areas:
(1) Emu oil inhibition of arthritis, the role of differences;
(2) some of the inhibition of rat polyarthritis particularly effective;
(3) with the use of skin penetration enhancers, emu oil anti-arthritis role be improved;
(4) effectively concentrate by solvent extraction and fractionation procedures, low triglycerides, containing the spectrum of active molecules hoe some conditions,, polyarthritis mice (compared with the traditional anti-inflammatory drugs to pay the the role) has a constant resistance system development

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