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Nutritional value of Grape seed oil

Nutritional value of Grape seed oil 
The Ruilin Na grape seed Profile
With super antioxidant capacity of grape seed extract OPC, which is 50 times the vitamin E can slow down the aging process, prevent arteriosclerosis, skin vitamin known, is 20 times the vitamin C of phenol anthocyanins, according to the fat-soluble and water-soluble characteristics, have a whitening effect. Three 99 domestic grape seed VE soft capsule composition of grape seed, licorice extract, Vitamin CE, aloe vera, biological calcium carbonate. Recovery from the deep to protect the skin, protect skin from environmental pollution; to speed up the metabolic rate, promote the dead skin off, to prevent pigmentation; repair the cell membrane and cell wall function, promote cell regeneration, skin elasticity.
Role in the effectiveness

1, An antioxidant, dilute the stain
2, regulate endocrine disorders caused by dry skin, reduce melanin, skin whitening, removal of melasma;
3 stimulate cell division and tissue regeneration, activation of the surface cells, reduces wrinkles and aging;
4, inhibition of free radicals, play the role of anti-cancer anti-allergy.
5, anti-prostate cancer, the role of anti-liver tumor can also fight against the damage of the nervous system.
For people
1, anti-oxidation, anti-aging population.
2, Need to beauty, to keep the skin whitening, moisturizing, flexible women.
3, poor complexion, dark, melasma, laxity, wrinkles.
4, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
5, allergic.
6, long-term use of computers, mobile phones and television people.

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