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The processing of grape seed oil

The processing of grape seed oil
Process one: press law
1 wind or human screening, grape seed without bran, Marc, and other impurities.
2 all mature grape seed, double roll crusher broken.
3 investment in crushed grape seeds soften the pot, put about 15% of soft water and heated at 65 ℃ -70 ℃, insulation 40 minutes, broken grape seed soften all.
4 Then transferred to flat-bottomed wok fried blank. Operation, the furnace must be uniform, so that the material temperature reaches 110 ℃, moisture 8% -10%, about 20 minutes.
5 Immediately poured into the circle of the pressed cake. Fried pressed cake, making it the middle of thick, surrounded by a little thin.
6 Serve hot load oil press cake temperature at 100 ° C as well. The cake stacking cake stack must be installed to prevent direct down stack.
7 Should be Gently press the ground pressure, oil flow continuous line, the room temperature is maintained at about 35 ℃.
8 outlet to install a 2-3 layers of cloth to remove the cake slag foam and other impurities.

The second of the process: n-butane subcritical or supercritical carbon dioxide low temperature extraction method
1, grape seed pretreatment: screening, impurity removal, etc.;
2, the low-temperature precipitation - to produce grape seed crude oil;
3, crude oil and then alkali refining, washing, soap;
4, de-sniffing;
5, low temperature vacuum filtration
6, refined grape seed oil
7, n-butane subcritical extraction than carbon dioxide extraction to form an industrial scale production.

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