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Use method of Grape seed oil
Use method of Grape seed oil
Grape seed oil can be directly applied to be used alone, or drops in 10ml grape seed oil, add 5-6 drops of pure essential oils.
Skin Care:
Relatively dry autumn and winter skin, especially the hand joints and foot joints and elbows and other parts prone to dryness and wrinkles, the base oil has a moisturizing and maintenance role, make the skin to restore natural elasticity. In the normal drying time can rub one week three times, especially dry days daily rub. Or every time after a bath for the general maintenance of the skin oil, is the ideal body oil.
Can be directly applied or when the base oil mixed with essential oils, gentle and easy absorption characteristics, it is ideal for face and body oil.
Way of taking
2 times, each time a warm water.
Product Source
This product Vitaceae grape Vitis vinifera L. seed extracts.
Pharmacological effects
Lower blood cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, the dilation of blood vessels, while the nutrition of brain cells, regulating the role of the autonomic and effectively prevent various diseases caused by cardiovascular sclerosis.
1, the product can not replace drugs.
2, bleeding tendency or coagulation function impaired;
3, is the use of drugs, herbs, antioxidants, grape seed products may have an impact on the role of these drugs;
4, Pregnant women, or preparation for pregnancy, as well as ongoing breastfeeding caution.

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