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Grape seed oil extraction and refining
Grape seed oil extraction and refining
Extraction operation Explanatory notes
(1) Filter: by wind or human sorting, grape seed basically free of impurities.
(2) broken: broken double roll crusher, all mature seeds must be broken.
(3) softening: moisture 12% ~ 15%, temperature 65 ~ 75 ℃, time 30 minutes, must all reach softening.
(4) fried blank: flat-bottomed wok fried blank, the furnace must be uniform. Material temperature 110 ° C, moisture 8% to 10% of the discharge water of 7% to 9%. Asked not to char, rather than fry, fry, time of 20 minutes.
(5) pressure cakes: fried immediately poured into the circle of the pressed cake artificial pressure cake, action should be rapid, uniform force, the middle of thick, surrounded by a little thin, hot load oil press cake temperature at 100 ° C as well.
(6) crush: prompt action, cake stack must be installed straight, prevention of the inverted stack "Gently press the ground pressure, so that the continuous line of the oil flow. The room temperature was maintained at about 35 ℃, to avoid the cold wind blowing to reduce the product temperature affect the oil yield.
(7) The coarse filter : outlet to install a 2 to 3 layers of yarn room (cloth) to remove the cake slag foam and other debris.
(8) Filter: remove oil solid impurities.
(9) Hydration : high-temperature hydration method. When the temperature rose to 50 ° C plus 5 to 7 g / liter of boiling salt water, the amount of 15% to 20% of oil, with added with stirring, the final temperature of about 80 ° C, until the emergence of uniform colloidal dispersion so far about 15 minutes.

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