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Garlic oil prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Role in health care is high in garlic garlic oil is a general term for all the sulfur compounds in garlic, sulfur atoms in these substances with a high degree of activity, can spontaneously transform into a variety of organic sulfur compounds in the organic sulfur compounds in the physical, chemical biological factors, but also into other sulfur compounds. all sulfur compounds in garlic are mostly a wide range of pharmacological efficacy, it is also constitutes the main flavor of garlic peculiar pungent odor substances. garlic oil components in the study more alliin, allicin and garlic prime.
Garlic oil prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
(1) a group of sulfur compounds in garlic can inhibit cholesterol the biosynthesis HMGCOA role of the liver, and thus to reduce blood cholesterol (high blood cholesterol constitute arteriosclerosis heart disease, high blood pressure the most important factor).
(2) garlic extract nucleic acid by inhibition of vascular endothelial cells in the gland to go amine, and to increase enough to make the blood vessel relaxation of nitric oxide in the concentration of endothelial cells, and blocking calcium ion channels, so that the vasodilator mechanism of action turn to the relaxation of blood vessels, lower blood pressure.
(3) garlic extract with strong anti-thrombotic activity, allicin is the role of the protagonist (the antithrombotic activity of Yiqiao En only three percent of allicin). Antithrombotic effects of garlic fine for myocardial infarction atherosclerosis and venous aneurysm were satisfactory control effect.

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