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Health effects of garlic oil

Health effects of garlic oil

1. Help diabetes control
Diabetes is a problem due to the metabolism of glucose in the body make blood sugar rise of disease, mainly due to inadequate secretion of insulin or the cells decreased sensitivity to insulin, causing the cells can not efficiently use glucose, a result of rise in blood sugar. Scientists have discovered garlic extract can significantly inhibit the generation of enzymes in some glucose, but contribute to the role of enzymes related to glucose metabolism in the liver, because garlic can make blood triglyceride levels decreased (general diabetes blood triglyceride concentrations are high), so eat more garlic also contribute to the prevention and treatment of diabetes.
2. Alleviate the intraocular pressure is too high
Glaucoma is usually accompanied by focused pressure is too high, which led to the case of visual impairment in animal experiments, allicin in garlic can be effective in reducing intraocular pressure, therefore, is presumed to eat garlic will help glaucoma patients ease the eye pressure is too high symptoms.
3. Improve liver and lung lesions
Common disease, liver disease and pulmonary obstruction will lead to tissue hypoxia and unexplained gastrointestinal protein digestion and metabolism blocked the phenomenon. Card Wei Haier people in the Journal of clinical gastrointestinal disorders in 1992 proposed a were reports that a risk of lung liver disease patients in the traditional health care is extremely limited circumstances, she tried taking daily high doses of garlic extract, health food supplements for eighteen months, the condition is as much like a miracle improvement, but garlic can promote normal gastrointestinal function and the smooth of the lung circulation, and is sure these scientists

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