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The health effects of coenzyme Q-10
Protect the heart
Coenzyme Q-10 helps to myocardial provide adequate oxygen and prevention of sudden cardiac, coenzyme Q10 play a key role, especially in the process of myocardial ischemia.
The increase of wrinkles, skin aging and Q10 content, content in the lower, more easy to skin aging, facial wrinkles and more. Q10 through oral intake, increase the cells containing sufficient Q10 energy metabolism will be enhanced, free radical scavenging, ease wrinkles.
Also rubbed the skin care products containing coenzyme Q10, and improve the topical can increase the cells absorption of coenzyme Q10, thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles.
Supplementary drug
Statins inhibit cholesterol synthesis also inhibit the formation of coenzyme Q10 in the body, the body of elderly patients more prone to the patients body of coenzyme Q10 in the use of statins must supplement coenzyme Q10. Enough to quickly relieve muscle pain and fatigue caused by the statins offset of statin-related muscle pain and liver damage.
Enhanced Energy
The experiments show that coenzyme Q10 can greatly promote heart health, and the appropriate content of the human body, coenzyme Q10 is essential for proper muscle function. The muscle cell extract biochemical analysis found that coenzyme Q10 concentration lower than the normal 20% mitochondrial complex I + II and complex I + III reactive activity of a serious decline. Several studies clearly show 100-150mg/day coenzyme Q10 supplement can significantly improve the subject to the human condition of muscular dystrophy. Hard physical exercise reduces the blood levels of coenzyme Q10 daily 60mg supplement has been found to improve the skills of athletes. Many overweight people have low coenzyme Q10 levels, supplementation to enable them to subtract the weight, which is the role of coenzyme Q10 can accelerate fat metabolism, so that the limbs and brain energy is an abundant supply of energy.
Adapt to the symptoms
Enzyme preparations coenzyme Q10 for the adjuvant treatment of the following diseases
1, cardiovascular disease, such as: viral myocarditis, chronic cardiac insufficiency.
2, hepatitis, such as: viral hepatitis, subacute hepatic necrosis, chronic active hepatitis.
3, a comprehensive treatment of cancer: can alleviate some of the adverse reactions caused by radiotherapy, chemotherapy.

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