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Coenzyme Q10 more and more the concern of the international market, are widely used in nutritional supplements, cosmetics, food, especially nutritional supplements has become the major trends in the future. According to statistics, the global the coenzyme Q10 supply market size of more than $ 700 million: in the United States, coenzyme Q10, one of the top ten nutritional supplements, and annual sales of about 400 million U.S. dollars. Of coenzyme Q10 as a price of more expensive drugs. In Europe and the United States market, its consumers the first part of the amount, the nobility of the health care consumer products. With the coenzyme Q10 technology matures, the source of raw materials to expand, the relative decline in prices, and Western ordinary white-collar workers can afford to consume.
In the U.S., the coenzyme Q10 In addition to applications in the medical field as a vitamin for food additives, as a non-prescription drugs and functional foods sold in supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies free, which determines the high consumer base the coenzyme Q10 in the United States . Europe is also the coenzyme Q10 important consumer market, the same used in the health food.
Japan is the earlier study to promote the country of coenzyme Q10, coenzyme Q10 in Japan purification technology is a world leader and the coenzyme Q10 has generally used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics field.
China is the worlds use of coenzyme Q10 night, but the coenzyme Q10 applications and the rapid growth in demand. At present, the annual demand of world market for the the coenzyme Q10 raw materials has reached about 400 tons and is still growth rate of 10% per year. The coenzyme Q10 eliminate about 30 tons. Due to the coenzyme Q10 very scarce, artificial preparation is very complicated, long time, China is basically dependent on imports, the price is very expensive. China from the 1970s, the technology, production scale and technical level has received considerable breakthrough.
The coenzyme Q10 is considered to be the cell of the new century, chemical and biological treatment of the "guidance" is to complement and extend the current approach to medical care. With the advent of various the coenzyme Q10 products and promote the use of human ushered in a new era a coenzyme Q10, health.

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