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Biological activity of chlorogenic acid
Biological activity
Chlorogenic acid has a wide range of biological activity, modern scientific research on the biological activity of chlorogenic acid into the food, health, medicine and daily chemical industry and other fields. Chlorogenic acid is an important biologically active substances, has antibacterial, antiviral, and increased white blood cells, protective and choleretic, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, clear the role of free radicals and excited the central nervous system.
Antibacterial, antiviral
Eucommia chlorogenic acid has strong antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, of aucubin its polymers have a significant inhibitory effect aucubin inhibited both Gram-negative and positive bacteria. The aucubin antibacterial, diuretic effect, and promote wound healing; of aucubin with glucosidase with pre-incubation will produce significant antiviral activity, but its own open with antiviral functions. Japan Aichi Medical University, plus age Institute of Medical Science The study confirmed that alkaline substances extracted from Eucommia anti destroy the function of the bodys immune system the virus, this substance may be used for the prevention and treatment of AIDS.
Chlorogenic acid is an effective phenolic antioxidants, the antioxidant capacity was stronger than caffeic acid, hydroxyl benzoic acid, ferulic acid, syringic acid, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and tocopherols. The reason why the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, because it contains a certain amount of R-OH groups can form hydrogen radicals with antioxidant effects, in order to eliminate the activity of hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anion radicals, thereby protecting tissues from oxidation damage.
Free radical scavenging, anti-aging, anti-aging musculoskeletal
Chlorogenic acid and its derivatives can be effective DPPH radical scavenging, hydroxyl radical and superoxide anion radical than ascorbic acid, caffeic acid and tocopherol (vitamin E), enhanced free radical scavenging effect, but also the low density lipoprotein oxidation. Of chlorogenic acid on the effective removal of free radicals, maintain the normal structure and function of the body cells, prevent and delay tumor mutations and aging phenomena play an important role. Eucommia chlorogenic acid contains special ingredients that can promote the bodys skin, bone, muscle gliadin synthesis and decomposition, can promote metabolism, prevent the function of the recession, and can be used to prevent astronaut weightlessness in space caused by the bones and muscles recession, also found that the the Eucommia Herbal Extracts chlorogenic acid regardless of in vivo and in vitro, showed significant anti-free radical.

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