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Chlorogenic acid inhibition of mutation and anti-tumor
Inhibition of mutation and anti-tumor
Modern pharmacological experiments show that the the Eucommia chlorogenic acid have the effect of anti-cancer and tumor suppressor, the Japanese researchers have investigated the of Eucommia chlorogenic acid variation immunogenicity inhibition (antimutagenicity), found that the role and chlorogenic acid and other anti variation immunogenicity related to the contents, reveals the importance of chlorogenic acid on tumor prevention.
Polyphenols in vegetables, fruits, such as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, such as by inhibiting the activating enzyme to inhibit the carcinogen aflatoxin B1 and benzo [a] - pyrene variation immunogenicity; chlorogenic acid can also reduce the the utilization of carcinogens in the liver transport to achieve anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. Chlorogenic acid has a significant inhibitory effect on colorectal cancer, liver cancer and laryngeal cancer chemical repellant.
Protective effect on cardiovascular
Chlorogenic acid as a radical clearance agents and anti-oxidants have been a lot of tests to prove, and chlorogenic acid in this biological activity, to produce a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. Different chlorogenic acid B on the rat has a strong promote different chlorogenic acid B has a strong promote the release of prostacyclin (PGI2) and anti-platelet aggregation in rats; induction of antibodies to guinea pig lung fragments induction SRS- A release inhibition rate of 62.3%. Different chlorogenic acid C also promoted PGI2 release role. In addition, the different chlorogenic acid B on platelet bolt prime biosynthesis and hydrogen peroxide-induced endothelin injury have a strong inhibitory effect.
Antihypertensive effect
Confirmed by years of clinical trials, Eucommia chlorogenic acid significantly antihypertensive effect, and efficacy of a smooth, non-toxic, no side effects. University of Wisconsin study found that effective of Eucommia green lower blood pressure component is loose ester alcohol diglucoside, aucubin,Herbal Extracts chlorogenic acid, and Eucommia chlorogenic acid and more sugar.

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