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The application of clorogenic acid
Chlorogenic acid application
Medicine and health
Ministry of Health Drug Standards "included clearing and detoxifying, antibacterial anti-inflammatory of proprietary Chinese medicines 170 are chlorogenic acid and as the main ingredient. At present, the production of yellow silver preparations, Shuanghuanglian pharmaceutical preparations, have chlorogenic acid as one of the important indicators of quality control. Chlorogenic acid and other polyphenols, is known as the seventh class of nutrients, is widely used in the healthcare industry, adding chlorogenic acid in health care drugs Qingrejiedu beauty emollients, the lifting of excessive alcohol and tobacco and other characteristics. Microherb extracted from plants, 99% chlorogenic acid pure can be used as second-class drug development, the addition of chlorogenic acid or important chemical reagent, biochemical analysis and the chemical industry has a wide range of applications.
Food industry
Natural food antioxidants is increasingly welcomed by consumers, and chlorogenic acid from Eucommia leaf extract and separation is a new and efficient phenolic antioxidants. Such as lard in a small amount of chlorogenic acid, can improve the oxidation stability of lard, an increase of shelf life. Chlorogenic acid has the role of flavor and color protection, can be used for the preservation of food and fruit. It can replace or partially replace the currently used synthetic antioxidants in certain foods. Hirazawa such as chlorogenic acid for the preservation of the fillets and found that its effect is superior to the tea extract and alpha-tocopherol. Chlorogenic acid was also used for fruit juice preservation, can effectively prevent the spoilage of the beverages and food; Wilska, etc. The study also found that chlorogenic acid can greatly improve the strawberries and other fresh juice color stability.
Cosmetics industry
Facino such as chlorogenic acid, represented by natural polyphenols, found that they can protect collagen from free radicals such as reactive oxygen species, and can effectively prevent the harmful effects of UV on human skin. Is now anti-urease, cosmetics, skin sunscreen to prevent UV and hair dye to hair damage shampoo European patent for a number of add chlorogenic acid.

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