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Pursuit of health, advocating natural foods have become a trend of modern life, people are increasingly disturbed by the use of synthetic antioxidants. In recent years, the safety of synthetic antioxidants has conducted extensive research, animal testing results show that BHT and its metabolite BHT-00H and BHT-OH, of DBQ and BHT-SCH3 injected into the peritoneum of male pups will make the mouse lung cell proliferation in lung tissue weight gain. It is reported that some developed countries to limit or prohibit the use of toxic side effects on the human body, synthetic antioxidants, such as Northern Europe have banned the use of BHA, BHT, the United States, Japan and Western European countries have limited use. The Yuxi Ruiyuan Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. General Manager Fan Xing pointed out that the side effects of synthetic antioxidants, such as is still dominant in BHA and BHT, PG and TBHQ, TBHQ outside the human body in varying degrees the liver, kidneys and other organs are adversely affected, and prone to allergic reactions; In addition, the chemistry of synthetic antioxidants, there are still irreparable defects --- highly volatile failure in more than 70 ℃ hot oil.
Scientists from various countries and therefore the study eyes turned to the nature of natural antioxidants. In fact, as early as the 1930s, people had already began antioxidant spice studied. The 1950s, after analysis of 32 kinds of spices, the researchers found that the best performance of the antioxidant rosemary and sage, containing flavonoids, terpenoid, organic acids and other antioxidants can cut grease auto-oxidation chain, chelating metal ions, and play with the synergistic effect of organic acids. Since the 1960s, rosemary its unique antioxidant in the world-wide fame.
Yunnan University, Department of Applied Chemistry, the Olin Cheng Professor, successfully extracted natural powerful antioxidants from rosemary, international food technology sector in the past 10 years in the prevention of a major scientific research on the issue of the oil-rich food lipid oxidation and rancidity deterioration results. The test proved that the rosemary antioxidants in the Animal and vegetable fats and oils, oil-rich foods and meat products, to prevent and delay rancidity or extend the shelf life of the role, and completely avoid the weaknesses of the side effects of synthetic antioxidants and high temperature thermal decomposition toxicological experiments and high-temperature frying test 240 ° C, rosemary antioxidants safe, efficient, heat-resistant, anti-oxidant effect, broad-spectrum and other characteristics. Olin Cheng said that the current international food sector to adopt the natural antioxidant polyphenols, rosemary antioxidants, different vitamin C, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as their mixtures. , Different vitamin C, sodium, vitamin C, polyphenols and other is a water-soluble substances, antioxidant effect on fats; the antioxidant effect of vitamin E on the grease, but the price is expensive, the added product costs are significantly improved; some newly developed anti-oxidants, such as licorice root antioxidants, the use of effects and antioxidant effects were not reach the standard of food additives.

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