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Soup also have nitrite problem

Soup also have nitrite problem

People know that vitamin C dissolved in the cooking of the soup in the past, it should be to drink the soup. But now, people pay more attention to food safety. If the raw materials of food is not fresh, the soup which high nitrite content, especially the soup of leftovers, it is best not to drink.

Eat hot pot, the pot soup of meat and vegetable flavor ingredients into a very attractive, but the soup may contain nitrite which may have an adverse effect on the body. If you rinse the cooked flesh showing pink, then do not soup. Containing nitrite color fixative. If the flesh is rendered brown, without hair color, the broth can drink.

If you fooled a lot of vegetables, do not drink soup, fresh vegetables also contain many nitrite. If you rinse the sauerkraut and other pickled products, the nitrite can also be integrated into the soup. Rinse vegetables and pickled vegetables to reduce the nitrite content, while the soup is concentration increased. By the same token, Cheuk dish water which contains more nitrite, and therefore unfit for human consumption. A variety of soup should not be placed at room temperature for too long, the best of them in one meal drink finished, otherwise the fridge as soon as possible.

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