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Healthy diet can reduce risk

Healthy diet can reduce risk

Nitrosamines Although toxic, but usually does not mean to soon cause cancer, the extent of the work because the work with a meal there is no need to panic, try to just do the dishes into the lunch box, and then stored under low temperature conditions can.

Food ingredients can prevent the formation of nitrosamines, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, flavonoids and other reducing substances are to help. Balance with natural food nutrition can improve the bodys detoxification and immune surveillance capability, and reduce the chance of carcinogenesis. As long as a reasonable diet, eat fresh, natural foods, leftovers brought the risk of gastric cancer can come down.

Not and should not forget the diet, there are many factors bring the risk of cancer, leftovers, and pickles are not the only sources of risk. : For example, eating too much salt will also increase the risk of stomach cancer, and control of food salt are not many families. For example, eat fried foods and smoked foods contain carcinogens, cooking boiler scale may bring carcinogens. Imbalance of nutrients can cause a variety of rise in the incidence of cancer, these problems often been overlooked.

To one-cooking vegetables to eat two meals, it may be divided into two lots immediately after cooking, an immediately cover after a little warm and cool in the refrigerator, never turning; another when the meal eaten, that does not stay. The next meal come up with a share of the vegetables, a little heat it can be consumed chilled. In this way, the risk of nitrite is much less.

Other hand, only the multiplication of bacteria and vegetable nitrate rarely, then the generated nitrite must also not too much. The characteristics of the nitrate is particularly soluble in water. So, if the vegetables in water Cheuk a little longer cooking, remove most of the nitrate and vegetables will become more secure. Of course, the cost is also loss of vitamin C and potassium. Vegetable raw materials is not very fresh, pesticide contamination, and then boiled is still cost-effective, because after all, most of the dangerous substances soluble in water, food will be much safer.

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