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Food Additives: Illegal unfriendly

Food Additives: Illegal unfriendly

   Two music recently in the United States was carcinogenic suspected. A consumer organization (CSPI) released a research report, said the agency presided over experiments showed that contain carcinogens 4 - methylimidazole in the ordinary and low-sugar Coca-Cola, Pepsi, reasons for the formation with the manufacture of caramel ingredients related to ammonia. Which the two music content enough to reach the content of additives alert in California, USA. Therefore, the caramel color used by the Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola and other beverage and food carcinogenic ingredients.

    However, this has been the American Beverage Association, the U.S. food and beverage and consumer Manufacturers Association to express formally refute and clarify the statement. Coca-Cola and Pepsi were also issued a statement saying: caramel will not cause cancer. The American Beverage Association to respond to the wording of the harsher, saying that "the public interest science centers remarks about the caramel is alarmist" and "absurd" to describe its conclusions.

    Although the two music temporarily innocence, however, because clenbuterol, dyed bread, beef, cream and other fine of malignant food safety incidents occur frequently, so the public on food additives panic-stricken, fall into children full refuse. The experts pointed out that the directory of food additives in China more than 2000 kinds. The problem lies in excessive dosages of additives users who - beyond the scope of abuse, even the use of non-food substances.

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