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Statement about aspartame

Statement about aspartame

 The U.S. National Soft Drink Association reiterated firmly believe that aspartame is safe.

    Worried about aspartame use in soft drinks security statement, the U.S. National Soft Drink Association reiterated their conviction that this sweetener is harmless to consumers.
     In the past some days, some media reports aspartame safety allegations and Mr. James Turner, Dr. Wood Monte the aspartame security concerns. Of these events are broadcast on the CBS evening news.
These reports will mislead consumers of sugar-free soft drinks, it becomes very important for the understanding of aspartame safety.
Aspartame is currently on the market to be tested the most studied food additives. All data from the United States, Canada, Britain and France, statutory bodies and independent scientists more than 100 scientific research and evaluation process, each time studies to determine the security of aspartame on the human body.
     One of the previously proposed on the issue of aspartame safety of weight Theophilus Spartak sweet as a sweetener for soft drinks will break down at high temperatures and long under one of the decomposition product of methanol. This problem by the FDA in particular, and in some time ago as the conclusions published. The researchers noted that the methanol content is much higher than the growth in the natural juices in the most extensive use of the content of aspartame as a sweetener for soft drinks. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this made ​​the following conclusion: "Our agency saw no reason to worry about excessive intake of methanol in the diet due to the maximum amount of the intake of aspartame."

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