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Do not eat xylitol in weight loss

Do not eat xylitol in weight loss

Court sale of xylitol dazzling array of food, very popular with consumers - especially in diabetic patients welcome.

In other countries, xylitol as a substitute for sucrose or glucose were widely used in diabetic patients with special food, or used in a variety of weight loss food and pharmaceutical products such as tablets, chewable tablets and syrups. More and more food in the country, adding xylitol, cookies, candy, milk powder, Shaqima, as well as for the cooking of xylitol powder.

Xylitol is really so wonderful? Nutrition experts said xylitol is extracted from plants such as birch and oak, a natural plant sweetener, xylitol is not easy to microbial fermentation to produce acid, they are able to reduce dental caries bacteria and tartar to produce a certain effect on the prevention of dental caries. And ordinary sugar, low in calories is a big advantage of xylitol. It enters the human body to absorb slowly and only partially be exploited similar to the sweetness of sucrose, 40% lower in calories than other carbohydrates. Xylitol can therefore be used for domestic sugar substitutes in order to prevent sucrose consumption caused by excessive obesity.

Friend addicted to sweets must not sit back and relax, xylitol instead of sugar, but eat a lot of the same will be fat. In terms of physical and chemical properties, xylitol is the cool side, it is not to be decomposed by pepsin directly into the intestine, eating more there will be some stimulation of the gastrointestinal, may cause abdominal discomfort, flatulence, bowel. Xylitol in the intestine absorption rate of less than 20 percent, easily accumulated in the intestinal wall, could easily lead to osmotic diarrhea. In the United States and Europe, food containing xylitol, will be labeled "excessive intake may cause diarrhea" consumer tips. Food sales in the domestic market, but rare in this logo. The nutritionist refers to the total day intake of xylitol can not be more than 50 grams. Light chew chewing gum should be no problem, but if you eat a lot of other xylitol products, you need to pay attention to the amount of.

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