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Lycopene, a strong antioxidant

Tomato deeply loved the people. It is delicious, inexpensive, not only rich in high vitamin also contains tomato unique natural antioxidants - lycopene can be said that natural lycopene warehouse.

    Lycopene is the strongest in the carotenoid antioxidants. Lycopene in the human body can not synthesize, and must be supplied by food. It is mainly from the tomato and its products, and the bioavailability of tomato sauce than fresh tomatoes.

    Many people have heard of the "antioxidant" comes from the publicity of skin care products. Indeed, oxidation is the threat of skin aging, but the oxidation is the harm to human health and the largest. Human activities in the normal development and function to produce ROS, reactive oxygen species cause oxidative damage of biological macromolecules such as DNA, lipids and proteins, and may increase the tumor, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, eye the incidence of the disease. The free radical theory that the body of excessive oxygen free radical-induced lipid peroxidation, cell membrane structure damage, which led to the destruction of cell aging and dysfunction. Lycopene can reduce free radical damage caused to the human body, protective macromolecules such as lipids, proteins, DNA oxidative damage, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis and the occurrence of cancer.

    Animal experiments showed that the daily intake of 10 mg of lycopene can be significantly reduced lipid and protein oxidation. The relationship between case and control study of the multi-center evaluation of adipose tissue antioxidant status and acute myocardial infarction showed that the protective role of lycopene is the strongest.

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