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Lycopene in the end why the "fetish" competition attracted the concern of so many companies? According to marketing director of the once operating lycopene the product Laikang capsules marketing Meeting St. International Group Meeting St. Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Xiao Xindong (now Harbin physical and mental Biological Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., vice general manager of marketing), developed in Europe and the United States and Japan, countries, and the lycopene medicine and health products and peoples lives can be described as "closely related to, lycopene is a carotenoid, has a strong anti-oxidation, its antioxidant effects of beta carotene, vitamin E 100-fold, and can capture other free radicals, prevent many types of cancer, reducing the occurrence of atherosclerosis, multiple effects, antioxidant, anti-aging and Qiangshen kidney. Xinjiang Chinese medicine academic studies show that lycopene can adjust the bodys yin and yang balance, Yin and Yang of the special effects, especially the medical cultivation of the motherland Road Yin Pingyang secret, spirit is the health of the system "doctrine. Due to the superior functionality and anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, tomato known as "the new darling of the 21st century health care products, lycopene is also known as the" plant gold "
Lycopene has favorable physiological function and anti-cancer, anti-cancer effects, known as "the twenty-first century, the new darling of the pharmaceutical and healthcare products, the tomato industry is called" red industry ", China lycopene development was also included in the national 863 Program ", by the high degree of attention. Industry investors are more concerned about is, when will be the advent of the storm of this red industry? Ordinary consumers are concerned about, when to free choice of lycopene products affordable, rather than as at present, choice is very small, the price is more expensive.

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