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Export prospects of biotin in China

China is a biotin-producing countries, Zhejiang several biotin manufacturers of products are very popular in foreign countries. Since early 2008, the international market biotin prices into the "up channel". Industry experts believe that the next two years of biotin in China, the export volume will continue to rise, the export prospects.

    Biotin, also known as vitamin H, belongs to one of the B vitamins. The early 1990s, the Western pharmacologists found that biotin has a lot of interesting new uses, including to prevent the fetus caused by abnormal development of neural tube birth defects, promote the decomposition of body fat - weight loss, then biotin attracted the attention of the medical profession. Recent research demonstrates that biotin is also an effective treatment is currently the world high incidence of type 2 diabetes, a finding that makes the average of the original sales biotin has become one of the world pharmaceutical market in hot demand.
It must be noted that the number of Chinas exports biotin highest in the world, but the main export product is the added value of high feed-grade biotin, higher value-added pharmaceutical grade Biotin international market is still firmly by several large companies in the West occupied difficult to compete with Chinas enterprises. Of biotin bulk drugs manufacturers should also be prepared and efforts to improve the export products, in order to have a share in the international high-end market

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