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The Biotin market analysis and forecasting

With the important new discovery (that is, to protect the normal development of the fetus and to promote the decomposition of body fat and carbohydrate), the surge in popularity in recent years, biotin in the international market, as evidenced from the price rise and fall of health functions of biotin.
Biotin (USP grade) on the international market the total sales volume has reached 80 tons, plus the share of the seasoning level of biotin, the total output has over three hundred tons. One of our products impact the international market. China had very little export of biotin, the biotin on the international market prices soaring, some domestic manufacturers have begun to export biotin product. Of biotin in Chinas exports excessive, leading to the biotin on the international market price has dropped to about $ 1,000 per kilogram. Unprecedented low prices so that the major Western biotin producers is difficult to adhere to, and eventually stop production of biotin and withdrawn from the market. The first company discontinued biotin Germany KgaA this with Germanys BASF and other biotin producers have cut production. Japan Takeda continue to produce biotin, but the products are mainly supply their own use, and rarely exported overseas. To the beginning of 2004, Chinas exports of biotin international markets accounted for total sales of nearly 80%. So far, China has become the "master" of the international biotin industry. (2) the price rise, once again optimistic about the prospects. Although the biotin market downturn, but last the biotin year international market has emerged a new turn. The main factors are: biotin as a feed additive to have poultry feed, can greatly shorten the time on hand, and biotin on the "monogastric animals (chickens, ducks, geese), contributing to the role than the stomach" animals (such as cattle, sheep, etc.) is more pronounced. Feed-grade biotin in the international market, sales soared, the dosage has been close to 85% of the total output of biotin.

It is understood that the average price of feed-grade biotin 450 to $ 550 per kilogram. As in previous years, the major Western manufacturers of biotin have been discontinued or reduced, since July this year, international biotin-market rates began to rise in August, the price of the USP grade biotin has been restored to the 1300 to 1400 U.S. dollars per kilogram. Japanese scholars reported in recent years, biotin has excellent cosmetic effect, and also opened up the use of a new medicine for Biotin products. Biotin in the skin, nail (nail) and the hair on the new applications will inevitably lead to increase in sales of pharmaceutical grade Biotin. According to Japanese publication reports, Takeda Chemical Corporation biotin production this year than last years 80 percent, most of the products used in cosmetics. Expected biotin in cosmetics, new applications will drive the rise of the of biotin overall production and sales

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