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Development and application of chitosan

Chitosan has many unique physical and chemical properties, acylation, sulfation and oxidation, grafting and crosslinking of hydroxyethyl, hydroxymethyl, such reactions can also be prepared into a multi-purpose products, and departure from the characteristics of the glycosaminoglycan has a broader purpose than cellulose. Chitosan application development since the sixties of this century is very active in recent years attached great importance to its further development and application. At present, the international marine biological materials applications of chitin and its derivatives prepared by high-tech products has introduced applications has reached more than 500, the United States, Japan, Italy, Norway, India and South Korea have established a chitin / Chitosan production plant, including Japan and the United States is the main producing countries, but it is also the main consumer countries. Add biscuits, noodles, milk, and chitin series of health products chitosan on in Japan now you can buy. Prepared by chemical modification of chitin and chitosan and modified to the unique properties of derivatives has become an important aspect of application development in the world today.


Chitosan is widely used in pharmaceutical, photographic materials, food additives, as the metal mixture, and for corrosion protection and preservation of food fruits and vegetables; prepared using chitin, chitosan soluble in water, easily absorbed, and has antibacterial, anti-tumor and improve plant defense and other effects; in the pharmaceutical industry can be made of absorbable surgical sutures, band-aid, immune enhancers. Use of its physical and mechanical properties can be made of the membrane, gel, powder and lubricants, anti-coagulant, anti-cholesterol agent, anti-gastritis agent, enzyme immobilization materials, contact lenses, dialysis membranes, drug delivery vector, artificial a multitude of purposes, kidneys, artificial heart valves, mucous membranes, hemostatic agents, and artificial skin. One of the most attractive applications is the use of their chemical or biological active properties, such as cell binding and cell activation properties. It is precisely because of these characteristics, the applications of chitin / chitosan and its derivatives, involving almost all aspects of daily life.


In particular, the current international trend the modern era, industry by leaps and bounds, can be predicted, chitin and chitosan is expected to one day be the same as the plastic integration into peoples daily lives, one of the pillar industries of the twenty-first century.

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