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Women's natural skin care oil - Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ, also known as malt flour, germ, golden yellow granular. Malt is one of the organs of wheat germination and growth, accounting for 2.5% of the entire grain, rich in vitamin E, B1, and protein nutritional value is very high. The germ is the root of the wheat life is part of the nutritional value of wheat. Contains rich protein, vitamins, minerals and 18 kinds of essential amino acids. Wheat germ extract made from high quality wheat is wheat germ cutting machine. Is a high protein, high vitamin E, low heat, low-fat, low cholesterol nutrition. Wheat germ just cut very easily oxidized, such as after baking, the nutrients can be completely released, vacuum-packed to ensure that the germ of the original flavor and nutrients. 50g protein content of wheat germ is equivalent to 4 eggs, the content of VB1 is the equivalent of a personal one day the VB1 demand 3.5 times. Wheat germ also contains vitamin E and linoleic acid. The lack of metal content in the food affect the health and development, especially iron-deficiency anemia, wheat germ is ideal for micro-metal supply source. And contains a rich vitamin E, vitamin B family, Octacosanol, vegetable protein, unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, and contains a wealth of minerals: calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other. 1000 kg of high quality wheat can only be extracted 15 kg of wheat germ is extremely valuable nutrition.

Wheat germ oil rich in a variety of fat-soluble nutrients, antioxidant, skin, soften blood vessels, very suitable for female friends eating. Obvious due to its skin care, also known as female natural skin oils, specifically in the following areas:

Regulation of the endocrine and protect the skin cells, prevent pigmentation, dark spots and pigmentation:,

1,Wheat germ oil contains large amounts of vitamin E, a natural material, biological activity is high, and to alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E can promote the secretion of sex hormones, women always radiant. In addition, vitamin E has a strong antioxidant capacity, and reduce free radical attack on the skin, thereby reducing the precipitation of lipofuscin in the skin surface to prevent the stain, blackboard and pigmentation.
2,anti-oxidation, reduce lipid peroxide generation, and promote skin moisturizing function and make the skin moist:
Wheat germ oil, vitamin E and other antioxidants, they can reduce the free radical attack on unsaturated fatty acids, thereby reducing the production of lipid peroxidation and excessive lipid peroxidation can cause the skin dull, rough, dry and other symptoms . So add wheat germ oil with moisturizing skin care efficacy.
3,To promote the metabolism and skin renewal, anti-wrinkle, wrinkle-free, anti-skin aging:
Unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E in wheat germ oil to enhance skin nutrition to promote skin metabolism speed, and thus play a role in anti-wrinkle. In addition, a strong antioxidant capacity but also delayed the oxidation of material damage to the skin.
4,and lipids, and prevention of cardiovascular disease:
Wheat germ oil in the sea contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, these fatty acids are more than essential fatty acids, can regulate blood fat, reduce cholesterol, reduce the precipitation of the lipids in the vessel wall, in addition to vitamin E can reduce free radical attack on the vessel wall, the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

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