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Advanced appliances to peoples lives, learning, the work has brought a lot of convenience, but also brought along a worrying problem, that is, electromagnetic radiation pollution. With the increase of household appliances, electromagnetic radiation has become following the water, noise, air pollution, the fourth largest polluter. Grape seed extract to help you easily against radioactive contamination. Electromagnetic radiation is a kind of invisible hazards, mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, stereos, power lines, transmitting stations these devices can produce large amounts of electromagnetic radiation at work. Therefore, we can say that the modern, urban people everywhere are electromagnetic radiation siege. Invisible electromagnetic radiation may make the health hazards? After the observation of scientists found that long-term by the electromagnetic radiation, making it easy to weakened immunity and susceptibility to leukemia and cancer, endocrine disorders, developmental disorders, infertility, miscarriage or deformity, recurrent headache, dizziness, fatigue and many other kinds of symptoms. A study in the United States, if the pregnant womens weekly working hours in front of the computer more than 20 hours, then the chance of her first three months of abortion is the other 2 times.

The discovery of grape seed extract (OPC), so that people have the ability to overcome the "demons" in the struggle with thee ectromagnetic radiation. When the human body by electromagnetic radiation, it will produce large amounts of endogenous free radicals, causing lipid peroxidation, resulting in cell damage. The red wine prime grape seed extract with superior free radical scavenging and antioxidant capacity. Therefore, it can play a good role against radiation. Some scientists did an experiment, mice with cancer with radioactive cobalt exposure, red wine, prime grape seed extract and to take it. Experimental results show that grape seed extract can make small mice, malondialdehyde (MDA) (biofilm system, lipid peroxidation product of concentration, the concentration of lipid peroxidation intensity and the degree of injury of the membrane system) reduced, and the greater the dose, the greater the decline. Shows that red wine prime grape seed extract to inhibit radiation-induced lipid peroxidation, the role of radiation.

The Russians already learned that the protective effect of grape seed extract to radiation damage, the astronauts of the Soviet Union long-term use of a plant rich in procyanidins drinks, to prevent the damage of radiation received by them in the space flight. Chernobyl nuclear explosion, resulting in a severe nuclear contamination, many local people suffering from radiation damage, people living in the area is recommended to drink a red wine called Crimean --- a rich source of proanthocyanidins wine to ease the nuclear leakage affects the human body.

The role of radiation injury in grape seed extract and more people attach importance to the rapid development of modern high-tech peoples lives, production and work to bring a great convenience, such as television, computers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc. to bring material comfort, it also produces some electromagnetic radiation hazards to human health. Application of grape seed extract production and development of radiation health food, will have wide application prospects.

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