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How to use food colorant

The main purpose of the additive to the food coloring known as coloring agents, also known as food colorants. Edible coloring agent to make the food with an eye-catching color to the people first emotional contact, increase food habits and stimulate appetite.

Food colorant are there?
The colorant according to the sources can be divided into synthetic colorants and natural colorants. Natural coloring agents can be divided into pyrrole, vinyl ketones, quinones, and polyphenols such as structure, synthetic coloring agents can be classified azo, oxygen anthracene and diphenylmethane, etc.; The solubility of the colorant can be divided into fat-soluble colorants and water-soluble colorants.

Natural colorants consumption of natural colorants colorants extracted from animal and plant tissue, multi-plant coloring agents, including microbial coloring agent, there are some animals, coloring agents and inorganic colorants.

The type and quantity of natural colorants, also accounted for a large proportion of the world food colorants. In advocating a "return to nature" in todays world, the development of natural colorants is still the general trend of food colorants. Since the reform and opening up, China has developed many natural colorants of new varieties.

Generally speaking, harmless to human body, light, heat, oxidation stability, less susceptible to metal ions or other chemical substances affect natural colorants are available for food colorants. However, the complex composition of natural colorants, after purification, processing, and its chemical structure may change, so must be a toxicological experiment, and ensure safety.

Natural colorants pepper red, beet red Monascus red, cochineal red, red sorghum, sodium copper chlorophyllin, turmeric, gardenia yellow, carotene, phycocyanin, cocoa, caramel, etc..

Natural colorants color vulnerable to metal ions, water quality, pH, oxidation, light, temperature effects, is generally difficult to disperse dyed, poor compatibility between the colorant and the price is higher.

The main raw material of synthetic colorants synthetic colorants chemical products. Our country attaches great importance to the safe use of synthetic coloring agents, and specify the Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute of Ministry of Chemical Industry sentinel plant. China food additives health standards (GB2760-1996) the inclusion of synthetic colorant carmine, amaranth, sunset yellow and erythrosine, tartrazine, new red, indigo, light blue and so on.

How to choose foods tone?
To select similar natural color due to the fruits and vegetables or food coloring agents, or the modulation of the corresponding color according to the principle of mixed colors.

To select the favorite color of customer psychological and habit. For example, the red gives to Sauvignon mature feeling; yellow gives a fragrant, delicate feeling; orange gives a sweet and mellow feeling; green gives a fresh cool feeling.

Coloriant how to deploy?
China allows the use of colorants color narrow range of rich colors can be red, yellow, blue three primary colors in different proportions to spell out a variety of colors. For example, red, yellow, blue red and yellow (color), orange, green and purple orange (secondary color), olive green gray brown (three colors).

In order to improve the dispersion of water-soluble coloring agent in the grease or fat-soluble colorant dispersed in water, the easiest method of processing is emulsified deployment.

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