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Melamine is not a food additive
According to Xinhua News Agency power, for the smell of the section of the public on food additives, discoloration, and even food additives is equivalent to the toxic substances from the misunderstanding, the experts explained that the food additive is not a scourge, rational use will not endanger human health.

China Disease Prevention and Control Center of Nutrition and Food Safety director Yan Satellite said, the reason why people are afraid of food additives, to some extent because of conceptual confusion, non-food substances added to food additives and food are collectively referred to as "additive" .

"In fact, this two completely different food additives used to improve food quality, taste edible substance, rather than the edible substance is prohibited to use and add to the food. Sudan Red, melamine, and so is not a food additive. "

Experts believe that, to ensure food safety, not to eliminate food additives, but the use of food additives is controlled within the acceptable range. At the same time, try to prevent and crack down on the behavior of non-food substances to food to add.

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