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The elderly do not ignore the nutrients missing to replenish the body needs
Because the body to absorb the decline in ability, and sense of smell, taste degradation and other factors, many elderly people there will be a serious lack of nutrients. In accordance with the importance of physical needs, the experts are given the older people most likely to lack most in need of supplement.
Elderly sorely lacking which nutrients.

While many elderly people concerned about the "rich mans disease", the lack of nutrients, the same can not be ignored. Recently, the U.S. Western Dayton Northwest Hospital clinical nutritionist, researcher Jia Lishan Sly TCI pointed out that because of the decline of the physical absorption capacity, and the sense of smell, taste degradation and other factors, many elderly people there will be a serious lack of nutrients. In accordance with the importance of physical needs, the experts are given the older people most likely to lack most in need of supplement.

Slow down the metabolism of the elderly by 30%, on the proteins ability to use lower, but the ability of catabolism has been enhanced, and therefore prone to a lack of protein can lead to indigestion, diarrhea, or dry skin, relaxation and susceptible to other diseases caused by the death.

The Jiali Shan Slavin TCI said, the elderly every day should be in accordance with 1 g per kilogram of body weight -1.25 g amount of intake of protein. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention nutrition and food safety, the elderly and clinical nutrition main room Renzhang Jian said, eggs, milk, fish, shrimp, lean meats all contain high-quality animal protein, high-quality soy protein content is highest in the vegetable protein .

Calcium and vitamin D
Shaanxi Province Peoples Hospital found that after a survey of 843 50-year-old -80 years old, almost everyone there are varying degrees of calcium deficiency, age, decreased bone mineral density and bone loss related. Vitamin D in our bodies depends mainly on the sun by the body self-made, or adding multivitamin preparations. However, with age, aging, skin the ability to produce vitamin D is increasingly weak, so it is easy to cause the elderly to fractures due to calcium deficiency.

In accordance with the recommended standard of the Chinese Nutrition Society, our elderly, the daily needs of the intake of 1000-1500 mg of calcium; U.S. experts recommended that the elderly can be a daily supplement of 50 micrograms of vitamin D

Vitamin C, E
British nutritionist Joseph skin shuttle "perfectly healthy" in his book, 20% -50% of the elderly to a lack of vitamin C; 23% male and 15% of women deficient in vitamin E.

Chinas regulations, the common people daily dietary vitamin C supply of 60 mg daily increase service to 100 mg -200 mg vitamin C tablet better. Otherwise, prone to indigestion, irritability, growth retardation. Vitamin E deficiency may cause the elasticity of blood vessels decreased, dry skin. A variety of vegetable oil is the best source of vitamin E Oral vitamin E preparations, the daily dose should be less than 300 mg.

A variety of minerals, iron and the elderly are most likely missing nutrients. Chinese residents of the 2002 Nutrition and Health Survey results showed that 21.5 percent of Chinas 60 years of age or older suffer from anemia and iron deficiency have a great relationship. The elderly usually eat vegetable fiber food and more chronic disease, such as long-term use of tetracycline, antacid, etc., will affect the absorption and utilization of iron. Your old iron, ought to eat more animal foods, such as animal blood, viscera and lean meat.

B vitamins
"Perfectly healthy" pointed out that more than 20 percent of the lack of B vitamins for the elderly, 71% male and 91% of women lack of vitamin B6, vitamin B12 deficiency is more common. Easily lead to metabolic disorders such lack of nutrients, makes a loss of appetite, constipation, neuritis and other diseases and may be induced.

China Agricultural University, Institute of Food Nutrition and Food Safety, Associate Professor, Department of FAN Zhi-hong, the most common source of B vitamins whole grains, beans and potato. If the six two day intake of white rice noodles replaced by coarse grains, the staple food source of vitamin B1 intake can be increased by four times.

This nutrient deficiencies were more common in the elderly, it is to maintain a healthy nervous system and regulate heart rhythm is very important, but also to prevent stroke. Beans, lean meat, dairy products, eggs, bananas are rich in potassium. Fruit juices, vegetable soup, gravy, potassium content is also relatively abundant. Renal failure caused by potassium high food restriction.

Zinc nutritional status of one of more than 600 Chinese elderly survey showed that the elderly serum zinc levels were significantly lower than young people, and zinc intake also failed to achieve the daily recommended standard of 15 mg. Many elderly common diseases such as diabetes, cancer, infection can be caused by zinc deficiency. In addition, the elderly, like a light diet, digestion, poor absorption, also contributed to the reasons of zinc deficiency. After zinc, the elderly, there will be no appetite and other issues, and recommend an appropriate increase in the intake of meat, poultry, fish, eggs and other animal foods.

Studies have shown that many elderly patients with diabetes and a certain lack of chromium and the elderly. Chromium deficiency can also lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and decreased immunity. Brewers yeast, black pepper, meat, dairy products, whole grains, high chromium content, while refined grain and sugar chromium.

"Perfectly healthy" in the data show that the elderly from the diet, you can get 15% -25% of the magnesium. Under normal circumstances, people will not magnesium deficiency, but if the diet is unreasonable, the partial eclipse, eat too fine on the easy to the lack of; elderly appetite is small, with a chronic disease, may also lead to magnesium deficiency. If you frequent leg cramps, should not be blind as a calcium deficiency treatment, should be timely to ask the doctor to check to see is not a magnesium deficiency of the performance.

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