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Excessive levels of preservatives, eight batches of pickles sampling in Chengdu but off

Yesterday, the Chengdu Quality Supervision Bureau, Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Provincial Inspection and Quarantine jointly announced October Chengdu production, production and distribution of circulation pickles, tofu, dairy products, wine and other products (merchandise) products quality sampling results .


Informed of the sampling in Chengdu Bureau of Quality Supervision, were tested 104 batches of pickles. 96 batches of products are qualified.


But the Pixian Almighty homesickness source food brewery production batch of pickles, due to excessive use of preservatives, excessive sulfur dioxide and other reasons, sampling did not pass. According to the relevant staff of the sampling, the number of batches of the product benzaldehyde, sorbic acid exceeded.


What is benzoic acid? QC experts, benzoic acid, sorbic acid is a national standard "use of food additives standard allows the use of preservatives, but excessive use will harm the human body.


For the cause pickles preservative sulfur dioxide exceeding the main reason, Fermentation Industry Research & Design Associate Dean Chen Gong, the first part of enterprises use of food additives standard (GB2760-2011) to understand inaccurate, resulting in design and production formula does not meet the standard requirements; production process is not strictly the use of additives in accordance with the production formula, may also cause failure. Chen Gong said, do not rule out the rare corporate behavior, intentional overdose add preservatives to extend product shelf life and improve product appearance and color.


At present, Chengdu Quality Supervision Bureau has ordered manufacturers of substandard products to immediately stop production and sales of substandard products, recall of substandard products in accordance with the law, and corrective actions. The council in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in the investigation.

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