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A cup of milky tea add Nine kinds of Additives

Not all additives are harmful to health? "What what food does not contain food additives? Additives more with less is not a business operator? "At present, food additives become a hot topic of public concern.


The reporter recently visited the point of sale of the Castle of food additives, food supermarket area and found that the use of food additives, covering almost all foods, in addition to sales in the supermarket clearly marked on the packaging of food additive composition, the corner store to sell fresh tea and drink is mixed with more than nine kinds of food additives, just announced. Experts suggest that businesses that consumers should be clearly informed the additive composition and their corresponding functions.


On the afternoon of February 17, the reporter first came to Chongqing Road, a large food additives supermarket, rows of shelves of the supermarket into the emulsion area, the meat district, colored zones, deodorant areas, each district on the shelves stocked with small the corresponding functions of the bottled food additives, such as emulsion District them milk fine dairy creamer, the custard fine, cream and other fine, colored areas arrayed gardenia yellow, lemon yellow, apple green, carmine, etc., deodorant area acesulfame, protein, sugar, flavor enhancers, acidity regulators, everything. The reporter observed a circle found a lot of food additive composition written on the packaging is not complete, instead, or list a few chemical name "and" instead of "natural extracts" or "natural equivalent". Only on the amount of usage of a percentage or a reference value of 1,000 points, but the sales staff said that this limit value of little significance, "businesses have to regulate according to their formula.


The tea cost control, and generally in accordance with the formula and food additives, 500 ml cup of tea costs more than 0.5 yuan. "Reporter falsely claiming ready to open a tea shop, a food additive shop staff then provides a taste of coffee tea ingredients list, a total of 13 kinds of ingredients, which, creamer, oral glucose, maltodextrin, fresh 9 kinds of food additives creamer, sugar, protein, gum arabic, ethyl maltol, the CMC and charcoal coffee flavors accounted for 87% of the total ingredients, and the remaining 13% of white sugar, whole milk powder, coffee powder and tea powder. staff said, if you want to further cost savings can reduce the amount of white sugar, powdered milk and other non-use of additives, like protein in sugar sweetness is 100 times that of sugar per kilogram price of only 10.5 yuan, is sugar. about three times more points proteoglycan, "Of course, the taste of the additives are naturally smaller than the real materials, but cheap and convenient" When the reporter asked about the amount of unauthorized changes to the recipe does not have a problem, staff said : "These additives are a lot of natural or natural equivalent of the human body did not hurt, as long as it does not add too much no problem. "

"Tea inside additives? I thought to do with milk and tea." "Is the flavor and creamer, as well as what glue do not know what." "Not on the food packaging specify what role these additives, the amount being consumed, think, feel at ease, but they can not do nothing to eat. "Yesterday, the reporter random in the streets of Taitung interviewed 10 people, referring to food additives, all divergent.

Municipal Quality Supervision, Food Minister Zhang Huizhen, said: "The food additive has penetrated into our lives, part of the direct consumption of agricultural and sideline products, almost all foods contain food additives." Zhang Huizhen like tea contains nine kinds of additives are in line with the national regulations of food additives, belong to normal use. At present, food additives has become the basis of the food industry, food additives, food additives is the excess add to the food additives cause the root cause of the ad reputation. QS certification of food is not only the variety and quantity of food additives used conformity with s GB2760 food additives health standards, but also the mark with the name of the additives on the packaging. "Zhang Huizhen said, some people preservatives, carmine, tartrazine and other pigments, such as saccharin individual varieties are allergic to food additives, but also conducive to the relevant departments of the supervision of food production enterprises, so after the national certification of food packaging must have ingredients expressly.


It comes to street tea shop in the amount of additives, Zhang Huizhen, said the streets of a small workshop production of the product temporarily without the "QS" test, the amount of food additives can not effectively regulate, "but the relevant departments are stepping up to regulate this child market, publicity additives, standardize the dosage of additive is inevitable. "

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