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The chemical additives in bread is common
The chemical additives in bread is not always the "sweet poison" in general regular bread production, food additives, including oxidants, emulsifiers, enzymes, mildew, etc.. These food additives in accordance with the standard amount to add, it is safe to human body; brightener but add in the flour, artificial colors and add in the baking process, but consumers need to beware of harmful chemicals.

For baking purposes of the food additive is "angel." Fresh-baked bread looks fluffy but tastes chewiness, which is the credit for strong gluten agent and bread improver. Bread, nice color, can not be separated from the pigment; smell fragrant, is the role of flavor.

However, consumer opinion, these food additives is the "sweet poison".
In April of this year, Guangzhou media reported that "honey-off bakery shady: creators first shredding the recycled bread and poured into the storage bins of capacity comparable to white bread box, add a mixture of cooked apple slices, butter, milk , cheese and grapes and sauce, and stir well. Saturated with sauce, bread pieces, exclusive growth of rod-like, up and down, respectively, covered with cheese slices and fresh cake, and then Danish crust parcel, sprinkle with sliced ​​almonds, barbecue for 45-50 minutes, cut into pieces to sell.

The maturity of bread mixed ingredients "rebirth", the industry shady media exposure, one wonders: the safety of the bread we eat?

Additive labeling "mixed bag"
Recently, this reporter went to Christine Yi Chi, 85 ° C, BreadTalk (Break Talk) bread brand of urban white-collar workers keen, respectively, to buy the traditional toast (commonly known as "white cut") bags of bread, the results found that, despite four bakeries sell the "toast" taste similar, marked the additive has a large difference.

Food additives should Chi and more soup toast "marked the most simple, the only" fresh yeast "in the name; 85 ° C" white toast "is written" bread improver: acid modifiers, emulsifiers, labeled complex chemical terms; bread phrase "traditional toast: diacetyl tartaric odd glycerides, calcium propionate, vitamin C, enzyme preparation"; Christine germ Health toast "bread compared to the label of food additives in front of more "scary" label detailed in the name of the additive: bread improver (wheat flour, calcium sulfate, diacetyl tartaric odd glycerides, vitamin C, hemicellulase, Portuguese glucose oxidase, lipase), deoxy B sodium.

National Industrial and Commercial Baking Industry Association Expert Committee, deputy director of Shanghai Food Association baking Committee of Experts Shen Hua watching reporters four bakery additives list these additives are "GB 2760-2007 food additives health standards approved add food to add the standard amount of human safety.

Shen Hua pointed out that the regular bread production, additives, including oxidants, emulsifiers, enzyme preparations, mildew. Christine "germ Health toast the bread, for example:" wheat flour "is a commonly used breadstuffs; calcium sulfate is a salt, is also a safe food additive, it would be nice to adjust the PH value of the bread , greater efficiency makes the yeast, it is also a good filler; name is quite scary and diacetyl tartaric acid single and double glyceride "is an emulsifier. A water-oil emulsifier fusion agent, all countries are allowed to use, widely used in food, pharmaceuticals chemicals; The main effect of vitamin C oxidation of the dough to improve loaf volume; hemicellulase, glucose oxidase , collectively, the "lipase enzyme preparation, it is a protein that functions somewhat like a" catalyst "to help the bread to increase the area, increase flexibility, and when it is completed, it itself would cease to exist; deoxy sodium acetate is a safe fungicide.

Food additives are not dangerous in a lot of food medicines and daily chemicals (such as toothpaste), there are many food additives in bread additives, can serve to strengthen the nutrition and oxidant role of vitamin C widely used, but strictly speaking, its official name is "ascorbic acid", it is estimated will scare away a group of customers. "

"Brighteners" Abolition of the
However, the really controversial chemicals, food additives not just add in the baking part, but in the production of bread flour. That is brighteners.

Flour bleaching agent, the scientific name is "benzoyl peroxide" is a way to get flour whitening additives. Abolition of flour additives in use for nearly 20 years, from time to time will be staged once. Domestic flour leading enterprises, the China Food Industry Association, the National Food Authority based against the use of the party that destruction flour nutrition, contains carcinogenic substances, should be abolished as soon as possible. Food additive enterprises, small-scale flour processing enterprises mainly in favor of using the party believes that the whitening agent was recognized by the international organizations are harmless and improve the texture of the flour should continue to use.

Finally, from May 1 this year, China officially banning the production and added benzoyl peroxide (commonly known as "flour bleaching agent) in food, calcium peroxide, two substances.

The same problems with "brighteners", as well as potassium bromate in the water-soluble white crystalline particles, allows the yeast produces carbon dioxide uniformly distributed in the dough. Baked after the bread is soft, delicate, internal organization and better baking results. So many bread additives, potassium bromate has been regarded as the best one.

In 1992, the 39th Report of the Joint Professional Committee of the United Nations FAO and WHO food additives, potassium bromate was clearly identified as a carcinogenic hazardous substances. EU member states, Canada and Australia have already announced a ban on potassium bromate, China on July 1, 2005 to prohibit the use of this substance.

Bread "Sweet Trap"
Whole wheat bread are rich in dietary fiber, B group vitamins, protein and other slimming effect. Healthy wave of increasingly Sheng, whole wheat bread and more welcomed by the people.

Whole wheat products is the reason why more health, because the wheat processing, nutrient-rich wheat bran and germ, etc. to give the full reservation. It is rich in cellulose, can help the body to clean the intestinal garbage. However, whole wheat flour generally need to add a certain percentage of bread flour or cake flour, produced by the 100% whole wheat flour, the taste may be difficult to swallow, "Chinese cooking master Wang Renxiao production of 100% whole wheat bread and bread no technical problems, raw material prices will not be more expensive, but poor taste, and now most of the market the sale of whole wheat bread in order to adjust the taste, basically add fine bread flour, milk powder, sugar and other food ingredients, whole wheat flour the proportion accounted for 50% -60% is good.

"The key is whole wheat flour to account for how much can be called whole wheat bread, there is no national standard." Wangren Xiao said the Frenchman used to eating whole wheat bread, whole wheat flour account for at least 80%, while the domestic proportion of so high product. Wangren Xiao said, the introduction of national standards in this regard to look forward to eating more healthy whole wheat products are a big trend.

In addition to whole wheat flour content is not high, there is even there are "pseudo-whole wheat" trap, caramel tone looks brown wholemeal effect.

These pigments in addition to the food look more attractive as a food additive, on health no good. Denmark in a category such as bread, the "basic food" is prohibited to add any pigment, tartrazine, sunset yellow may affect the intellectual development of children is disabled.

Denmark is the global food coloring of the most demanding countries - the countrys researchers suggested that, instead prohibit add food coloring, as in the food label to indicate the type of added pigment. In this way, the consumers of food to make the decision whether to buy.

At the same time, Denmark is the worlds "margarine" to use the most stringent national. From June 1, 2003, on the Danish market trans fatty acid content of more than 2% of the fats are banned. Since then, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and other countries have formulated the trans fatty acids in the food limited, requiring manufacturers to add the trans fatty acid content on food labels. Canadian trans fatty acids in a special working group was established in 2004 and requirements indicated in the pre-packaged food labeling of trans fatty acids.

California restaurants in the United States from January 1 this year, will prohibit the use of trans fatty acids in cooking oil and margarine, and this ban will be expanded next year to all baked goods. Prior to July 1, 2008, New York, the United States began full sale of food containing trans fatty acids.

China Agricultural University, Nutrition and Food Safety, Associate Professor, Department of FAN Zhi said in an interview, ie, system, sale, short shelf life of fresh West Point usually promote the use of fresh butter, because it does not need trans fat to extend shelf life, many foreign well-known hand-West Point House insist on using fresh butter, but manufacturers sometimes because of cost considerations, or trans fat. The reporter learned that many of the worlds countries have introduced restrictions and against regulations, but the current regulations in the relevant fields is still lacking. With the changes in diet, the intake of the Western-style dim sum is more and more, especially harmful to young people. The spectrum of the Chinese people are changing, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the number one killer of endangering peoples health, while West Point in unhealthy trans fat, more and more to cause the majority of consumers pay attention.

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