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Hydrogenated vegetable oil is not equal to the trans fatty acids

Recently, vegetable cream crises have led to consumer panic. November 11, Chinese Bakery Sugar Products Industry Association Zhunian Lin said that consumers do not have to talk about "hydrogenated vegetable oil" pale, consumers now there are two errors: First, hydrogenated vegetable oil "vegetable cream, shortening, can not and trans fatty acids to draw parallels, process improvement hydrogenated vegetable oils to reduce trans fatty acids, or even free of trans fatty acids; should be limited to the trans fatty acid content in food, but not to prohibit the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil, in the United States, Denmark has not introduced restrictions on the use of hydrogenated vegetable oils, only advised residents to average daily trans fatty acid intake does not exceed 1% of the total energy.

  1980s the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil
The Zhu Nianlin introduced as an example to make cakes, pastry, shortening, etc. need butter to shortening brewed lard, butter and other animal fats to cooking. Fear of cholesterol present in Hun may have the heart to bring the threat of 1980s, the hydrogenated vegetable oil used in Chinas food processing industry, vegetable oil hydrogenation technology from abroad due to high temperature instability and can not be saved, studies have shown that trans fatty acids in the fat after the high-temperature deodorization increase by 1-4%.

World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in diet, nutrition and chronic diseases in the recommended daily intake of 2000 kcal, for example, the total daily intake of fat should be 66 grams 22.2 grams of saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids 2.2 grams.

  Process improvement requires process
The quality of the merits of different brands of hydrogenated vegetable oils distinction is obvious, Zhunian Lin, hydrogenated vegetable oil processing needs to be improved, the production of food processing enterprises have to develop a new way, but this requires a process.

There are hydrogenated soybean oil, hydrogenated palm oil, hydrogenated coconut oil ... by enzymatic or chemical catalyst, the adjustment formula to improve the hydrogenation to a certain extent reduce the trans fatty acid content. If vegetable oil is completely hydrogenated to complete the change from liquid to solid state, can be done almost zero trans fatty acid content. The problem is that the production of fully hydrogenated vegetable oil vegetable cream, shortening, and a thick layer can not smear. He hoped that the vegetable cream crises can become a huge driving force, as soon as possible to help the food processing enterprises to strengthen investment in research funding to produce more safe, and delicious food.

Previous animal cream "means that the high content of saturated fat, unhealthy, and now has become a selling point of the business to attract the eye. See the line "without the word of the plant hydrogenated oil" is flashing on the site of a cake. The Web site says all the cake Animal cream.


Recommendations as soon as possible the relevant standards
Jiangnan University of Food Science, Food oil experts Xing-Guo Wang told the media that the "State has not issued the relevant laws and regulations, the use of hydrogenated oils, many are relying on corporate self-discipline."

Bakery Sugar Products Industry Association urge the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health and other relevant standards as soon as possible to limit trans-fatty acids, production according to the law. Also called on food companies to enhance research funding and control technology of trans fatty acids in the food production process, the introduction of the enterprise to the use of trans fatty acid content is low or no trans fatty acids in edible oils and fats, lower trans fatty acids in the food. To promote food companies to identify the nutrition label, indicating the content of trans fatty acids, so that consumers clearly consumption.




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