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Consumption of pearl milk tea to be cautious

    Fujian Province, Ningde Jiaocheng Trade and Industry Bureau recently released the Consumer Tip: pearl milk tea its unique taste and loved by consumers, but consumers eat pearl milk tea to be cautious.

    Jiaocheng District Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Ningde City, the official said, According to the survey, unannounced visits to pearl milk tea, manufacturing and selling of the market scene, a lot of just several powder blending, some pearl milk tea or even to contain plastic, Glaubers salt, and industrial chemicals, magnesium chloride.

    First, tea without milk. Modulation pearl milk tea, the three "magic" cream, "Pearl" and saccharin. The creamer is a vegetable oil extracted by the chemical hydrogenation, the main ingredient is sugar, saturated fat and trans fatty acids do not contain milk of calcium, vitamins and other nutrients, low protein content, fat content is very high. The creamer composition of hydrogenated vegetable oil is a trans fatty acids, excessive drinking lead to drinkers susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

    Second, the "pearl" plastic ". Flexible and more "nutty" to make the "pearl" In addition to adding the cassava starch outside, most of the pearl milk tea by adding wheat gluten, synthetic polymer materials, which is plastic.

    Third, the sweet, sodium cyclamate. The key of the tea is "sweet", which, sodium cyclamate, play a decisive role. Some sodium cyclamate on the market irregularities add Glaubers salt and industrial magnesium chloride, long-term consumption will be poisoned. Glaubers salt does not belong to a food additive, it is the raw material used to make detergent Glaubers salt for human consumption gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms. In addition, consumption of industrial magnesium chloride may be due to heavy metals exceeded acute poisoning and chronic hazards.

    The official pointed out, the formal production of creamer, food additives such as saccharin is not terrible. But many tea shops in order to reduce costs, use of poor quality creamer and saccharin, which is illegal additives, health, great deal of harm. At the same time, sodium cyclamate, as an additive, can not join the childrens food, and tea with milk is not added to food in the sodium cyclamate.

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