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The difference between collagen and hyaluronic acid

Many of the beauty program introducing the collagen and hyaluronic acid wrinkle effect, I believe this is a lot of beauty too familiar two injection wrinkle products. However, collagen and hyaluronic acid difference does not it?


It is understood that the collagen is a protein polymer, to keep the skin strong and flexible. It exists in the human skin, bones, teeth, tendons and other parts. In the skin, it constitutes a network of support and the elastic fibers to provide firm support of the dermal layer. Increase with age, the loss of collagen in the body began to accelerate, the fiber breakage of the skin, fat atrophy, reducing the sweat glands and sebaceous glands. At this time, the dermal tissue began to collapse, resulting in thinning of the skin loses its elasticity, the ultimate relaxation, aging and wrinkles.


Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring in the human body, but with age will be a gradual loss of anti-moisture ingredients. Moisturizing anti collagen can absorb more than the water itself 500 times. Hyaluronic acid dermal layer of human skin plays an important role of the matrix, colloidal form in the dermal tissue, is responsible for storing water, increasing the volume function of the skin, is recognized as the best moisturizing factor. To maintain sufficient moisture in the skin, can make the skin look plump, full, smooth, sparkling, while increasing flexibility. However, the hyaluronic acid content with increasing age is reduced, which causes dry skin and aging, wrinkles, rough, dull and uneven skin color and other issues.


Thus, hyaluronic acid and collagen, two major components of the dermal tissue, their content will decrease with increasing age, resulting in skin aging, wrinkles, rough, dull and uneven skin color. Collagen to the skin play a supportive role substances, hyaluronic acid is able to keep the skin soft, moist.

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