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Licorice extract can kill gum disease pathogens

The latest study found that two ingredients in licorice root cause tooth decay and gum disease can kill bacteria, tooth decay and gum disease is the main reason for children and adults tooth. The researchers said, Licorice dried root is commonly used herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, in particular, is used to enhance the activity of other plant ingredients used to flavor.

Very popular in the United States licorice, but in the domestic market, common fennel oil instead of sugar, licorice, fennel oil and licorice flavor similar. The traditional healers use licorice dry root to treat various diseases, such as respiratory and digestive diseases, but few modern studies to prove that licorice is really useful.

In order to determine the licorice whether to fight tooth decay and gum disease, the researchers conducted in-depth research on a variety of ingredients in licorice. They found that two ingredients in licorice, licorice West and licorice isoflavones A is the most effective anti-bacterial ingredients. These two substances to kill the two main bacterial cause of tooth decay, and kill the two bacteria that cause gum disease. The licorice West given the bacteria that cause gum disease, but also kill the third. The researchers said that these substances to treat or even prevent the occurrence of oral infections.

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