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Instant noodles is also inseparable from the food additive

In the instant noodle industry, there is one thing, we all know, that is, the "beef extract". In Guangdong, the production of beef extract product manufacturers have corporate standards, the formula of the enterprise are to go through a rigorous review, to pass the relevant laws and regulations of the countrys requirements. Experts have pointed out, reasonable in accordance with the relevant provisions of the country, there is no problem, but often manufacturers are not required, and often fraud, he secretly joined other substances.

Investigation, the reporter found that, in fact, the production of beef extract business this is not wrong, wrong, some merchant fraud, beef extract excessive use of certain food products. The problems exposed by the "beef extract" is to use these businesses who lack of morality, low self-binding is the fundamental cause of the problem.

Instant noodles generally contain beef extract.
Learned in the course of the investigation of beef extract, seasoning packets of instant noodles, which are often late in our daily lives is the "beef extract" the deployment of the. "Beef extract" a salty flavors, seasoning packet of instant noodles in the beef actually contains beef extract. Even so, experts told reporters, "beef extract" as long as the control in a certain range of classes, use will not cause immediate damage, so the people do not have to worry too much panic anxiety.

But eat less food containing beef extract, in accordance with state regulations, food flavors, food additives varieties I + G, the additive is permitted by the State, but limited to use requirements. I + G amount of about 2% to 5%, hydrolyzed protein daily limit of 50 to l00g. Now on the market, merchants purchased beef extract, has not used in accordance with the prescribed dose. Likely to use excessive, so consumers must be careful to buy food.

Identification of the consumer in terms of color, taste, etc.
Many consumers can not tell which is the food phenomenon of the "beef extract", industry sources said, consumers can color, odor, viscosity, elasticity, a preliminary identification. In general, the longer fiber length of the beef meat structure coarse and compact; pork short fiber length, fleshy structure is fine and loose; meat old was eating beef, the consumption of pork was tender. And beef fat white or cream, significantly less than the pork fat. Muscle appearance slightly dry or slightly moist pork and pork unique normal odor. Consumers in the purchase to be careful and cautious.

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