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How to use stevia in salted products

With the continuous improvement of peoples living standard and the accelerated pace of life, convenience foods has been well received by the majority of consumers, especially convenient mustard, pickled products, has become an essential product of the people three meals a day and travel. As a new type of sweetener and spices, stevia has been widely applied to various types of pickles and pickled products, especially Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


1.Stevioside characteristics of stevioside is extracted from the Compositae Stevia high sweetness, low-calorie natural sweetener, safe, no side effects, clinical trials confirmed that stevioside diabetic hypertensive efficacy, obesity, cardiovascular disease, gastritis, hyperacidity also a certain role of adjuvant therapy.


Pure stevioside sweet, cool and refreshing sweetness of sucrose from 200 to 300 times, the heat is only 1/300 of the sucrose. Extremely stable to heat, acid, alkali, salts, did not stain, does not taste. Acid or salt in food, the taste quality is particularly significant. And other carbohydrate or non-carbohydrate sweetener mix also has a corrective effect of taste quality of sweetness synergy and pickled products. Because stevia has a non-fermented, non-perishable characteristics used in pasteurization is more difficult salted, is an ideal preservative.

2.The application effect of stevia instead of sugar can make up some of the shortcomings of the use of sucrose alone, prevent the occurrence of the browning reaction and dehydration, will not cause rancidity due to the use of sucrose fermentation, and thus the processing is excellent, fragrant, flavor, shape and taste food convenient preserved.


Stevioside in to ease the processing of sweet and sour mustard, sweet and sour pickles, sour enhance sweetness.


Stevioside in the processing of high salt content of pickled products, can inhibit its salty too high, if you add the right amount also leads back to the sweet delicious.


The stevioside replace chemical synthetic sweeteners such as saccharin, can reduce the insecurity brought about by the use of saccharin bitterness and chemical synthetic sweeteners decomposition.


Stevia diterpene glycosides non-carbohydrate sweetener in processed foods does not become the source of microbial nutrition, and can inhibit the propagation of microorganisms in salted. In particular, the use of carbohydrates as carbon source for microorganisms to control the propagation effects, does not cause the fermentation corruption, greatly reducing the pickled products in the "fat bag" phenomenon reduces the legacy of quality problems over the years. Reduce production costs. Extend shelf life.


Stevioside in the process and take the heat treatment of salted, will not produce browning reaction, no precipitate, processed to maintain the original taste of the status quo, but also a cool and refreshing sweetness.


3.Reference to the amount and use of processing salted and one each in sweetness and flavor quality requirements applicable to the amount of between 0.2 ~ 0.6g per kg of material usage. The alternative of substitution of sucrose for 30% to 100%. The molecular weight of stevioside, the osmotic pressure of food is less than sucrose should be used with extended maceration time. Generally soaked for 3 to 5 days.

Stevioside is following the sucrose after the third generation of human source of sugar, the sweetness of low unit cost only 0.6 yuan / unit sweetness (per kg of stevia 160 dollars), and has a high sweet, low heat, security, green, health, stability, in line with the concept of consumption of the human idea of ​​a "natural, safe, health, function". Stevioside is bound to human, a new life for the community to create more sweet.

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